About the Project

Israel is densely populated with a high rate of land use. The housing crisis exasperates the high demand for land, while in recent years, army bases and Israel Military Industry (IMI) factories are being evacuated from numerous locations in different parts of the country. 

These sites can constitute a substantial land supply for new construction. However, due to the nature of previous activities undertaken on such sites, various contaminants have penetrated the soil, posing potential health risks to the public and the environment. The evacuation of these sites provides us with a rare opportunity to clean up past hazards, prepare the land for marketing and provide ample construction for housing, as well preventing exasperation of the pollution of the environment and groundwater.

In October 2015, Israel’s Housing Cabinet decided that the governmental Environmental Services Company Ltd. (ESC), in coordination with Israel Land Authority (ILA) and the Government Companies Authority, will serve as the executive body for the remediation of evacuated sites. The project aims to qualify land to a degree that would pose no risk to the environment and its future residents; and to do so in a prompt yet safe manner and at reasonable costs. According to various estimates, by the end of the remediation process, evacuated areas and additional sites at the core of high-demand regions are expected to comprise some 100 thousand housing units.

IDF Camps

Tzrifin (Sarafand): 3,800 dunams (~15,800 housing units)

Sde Dov: 80 dunams (~16,500 housing units)

Tel HaShomer: 1,350 dunams (~10,100 housing units)

Sirkin : 2,200 dunams (~12,000 housing units)

Military Industries IMI

IMI Nof Yam: 974 dunams (~4,000 housing units)

IMI HaShalom: 55 dunams (~850 housing units)

IMI Beit HAkerem 45 dunams (~700 housing units)

TIMI Tirat HaCarmel: 2,100 dunams (~2,100 housing units)

IMI Ramat HaSharon: 7,500 dunams (~30,000 housing units)

A total of about 100,000 housing units

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